This  7-move yoga for hips and lower back routine boosts your mobility and improves your posture

Wide Legged Childs Pose: Begin your yoga practice with this soothing pose that offers a passive release for the back and stretches the hips, promoting relaxation and flexibility.

Cat-Cow and Circles: Mobilize your spine and hips with the classic combination of cat and cow poses, adding hip circles for extra mobility and flexibility.

Downward Dog With Wiggles: Activate your entire body and decompress the spine with this active stretch, allowing for intuitive movements and stretches to find what works best for you.

Twisted Lunge: Strengthen your legs and core while improving balance and stability with this powerful pose that also stretches the hip flexors and lumbar spine.

Malasana: Deeply decompress your spine and adductors with this squat pose, activating the glutes and stretching the hips and groin muscles.

Lizard: Increase mobility and flexibility in your hips with this deep stretch that targets the hip flexors and quads, perfect for counteracting the effects of prolonged sitting.

Sphinx: Achieve spinal extension and gently compress the low back with this ultimate back stretch, promoting flexibility and alleviating tension in the spine.