These States Have the Most Pet Owners in America

Over 86.9 million American homes have pets. Dogs are the most popular, with 65.1 million households having them. Cats come next, with 46.5 million households.

Also, 11.1 million households own freshwater fish. They're colorful and diverse, making aquariums popular.


Wyoming has stunning countryside, national parks like Yellowstone, and is known for pet ownership. Surprisingly, hedgehogs are the third most common pet there!

West Virginia

West Virginia, bordered by PA, MD, VA, KY, and OH, is known for mountains and outdoor fun. 71% there own pets, mostly dogs, cats, and lizards.


Idaho isn't just about great potatoes. People there love pets! Most homes have dogs or cats, but ferrets are also super popular, even more than guinea pigs or hamsters


Vermont loves pets, especially dogs, cats, and ferrets! With 70% owning pets, it's no surprise they're so friendly.

Indiana and Arkansas

Indiana and Arkansas, despite being far apart, share similar rural landscapes and love for pets, especially smaller ones like ferrets and hamsters. They rank high in pet ownership along with other states