These Are the Best Pets for Kids at Each Age

Fish: Betta fish are low-maintenance and perfect for beginners, thriving in small aquariums without the need for elaborate setups.

Reptiles: While reptiles like tortoises and snakes can make great pets, be cautious as they can transmit salmonella, especially to young children.

Birds: Birds require daily attention but can be rewarding pets. Parakeets are inexpensive and great for beginners, while cockatiels and cockatoos are more intelligent but require more care.

Rodents: Hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils are easy to raise and thrive in small spaces. Rats, surprisingly, make excellent pets due to their intelligence and sociability.

Cats: Independent yet loving, cats are suitable for families with limited space. Ensure you choose a cat with a temperament suitable for children.

Dogs: Labradors, golden retrievers, boxers, and beagles are kid-friendly breeds that require commitment and care. Socialization is key before adopting a dog.

Insects and Arthropods: Ant farms and hermit crabs can provide entertainment and educational experiences for children, requiring minimal maintenance.

Brine Shrimp: Also known as sea monkeys, these tiny crustaceans are perfect starter pets for children, requiring only water and occasional feeding.