The Top 8 Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Mississippi

Clark Creek Primitive Trail

Located in Clark Creek State Park, this 4.9-mile moderately challenging loop offers scenic views of streams and waterfalls amidst mixed hardwood and pine forests.

Red Bluff

A 0.9-mile moderately challenging loop trail leading to the Little Grand Canyon of Mississippi, known for its unique views created by erosion from the Pearl River.

Bear Creek Outcroppings Trail

Situated in Tishomingo State Park, this 1.9-mile loop showcases Bear Creek Canyon, featuring a swinging bridge and fascinating rock formations.

Tuxachanie National Hiking Trail

Found in De Soto National Forest, this nearly 12-mile trail offers a deep forest hiking experience, though caution is advised due to a bridge closure.

Clark Trail to Waterfall Trail

Another trail in Clark Creek State Park, this challenging hike rewards hikers with waterfall views and unique rock formations.

Fontainebleau Nature Trail

Located in the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge, this short and easy hike boasts natural beauty and the chance to spot wildlife.

Witch Dance Horse Trail

A remote 9-mile trail in Tombigbee National Forest, offering serene forest landscapes and sometimes muddy conditions, popular among horseback riders and nature enthusiasts.

Richardson Creek Trail

Found in Homochitto National Forest, this 8.6-mile loop takes hikers through pine-covered hills to a spring-fed lake.