The Top 7 Countries Ranked By Quality Of Life

South Korea

Boasting a growing economy and excellent amenities like public transport and healthcare, South Korea is a top destination for international students.


With its emphasis on work-life balance and healthcare, Italy offers a high quality of life, with only 3% of workers reporting long hours.


Known for its cleanliness and top-notch infrastructure, Singapore is a desirable location for expats of all ages, with excellent educational and healthcare systems.

Czech Republic

Offering extensive social security and safety, the Czech Republic provides a modern lifestyle with accessible healthcare and education.

United Arab Emirates

As a top oil-producing nation, the UAE provides exceptional amenities like international schools and modern medical facilities at a lower cost than the US.


Renowned for its scenery and culture, Ireland offers top-notch healthcare and education, with a high level of happiness among its residents.


With its warm climate and affordable living costs, Portugal is both friendly and safe, ranking as the seventh-safest nation globally.