The Best Coffee Shop Pastries, Ranked

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Banana Bread - This treat has a special taste loved by some but not everyone. It's sweet and fruity, but banana might not go with coffee. We prefer pastries that go well with coffee.

Bear Claw - A Bear Claw is like a mix of a donut and danish, shaped like a bear's paw. Not all cafes have it, but it goes well with coffee!

Cheese Danish - Cheese danish: classic treat at our cafe! Pair with regular coffee for best taste. White choc mocha or caramel macchiato? Nah, not the best combo!

Cinnamon Roll - Cinnamon rolls and coffee are perfect together! They're thick, sweet, and filling. Not light like a croissant, but great if you want a breakfast substitute.

Blueberry Scone - Scones go great with coffee! Blueberry ones are special with their fruity center. They're fancy and yummy but some don't like their dry texture.

Chocolate Croissant - Chocolate-filled croissants are amazing! They have a buttery outside and sweet chocolate inside. Perfect with coffee. If you don't like chocolate, it's not for you.

Pumpkin Muffin - Get ready for yummy pumpkin muffins at coffee shops! They're so good, whether they have cream cheese, brown sugar on top, or just plain. We love them all year round!

Coffee Cake - Coffee cake: It's in the name! With cinnamon, brown sugar, and coffee, it's perfect for breakfast or anytime. A must-have at every coffee shop!