The 7 Most Smartest Mammals in the World Might Surprise You

Dolphins: Highly intelligent, dolphins demonstrate complex behaviors such as tool usage and adaptation to human activities like construction.

Ravens: Associated with omens in many cultures, ravens display remarkable planning skills, outperforming human toddlers in tasks requiring patience and problem-solving.

Pigs: Surprising many with their intelligence, pigs can play simple video games requiring understanding of cause and effect, showcasing cognitive abilities beyond expectations.

Chimpanzees: Sharing 99% of DNA with humans, chimps exhibit advanced cognition, including self-recognition in mirrors and on video, indicating abstract thinking abilities.

Elephants: Renowned for their memory and problem-solving skills, elephants manipulate their surroundings to achieve goals, challenging human assumptions about animal intelligence.

African Gray Parrots: Considered one of the most intelligent species, African Gray Parrots demonstrate deductive reasoning and logical thinking abilities, surpassing the cognitive capacities of young children.

Octopuses: Known for their escape artist skills and tool usage, octopuses exhibit high intelligence, with some species even using objects from their surroundings as weapons or shelters.