The 7 most dangerous roads in America

Overseas Highway, Florida: A 113-mile scenic drive connecting the Florida Keys to the mainland, notorious for potholes, no shoulders, and numerous fatal accidents.

Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina: Popular 11-mile road with 318 curves, attracting motorcycle enthusiasts, but labeled one of the most dangerous with frequent accidents, including fatalities.

Pikes Peak Highway, Colorado: Treacherous 19-mile road with a 7% average grade, featuring deadly hairpin turns, known for its breathtaking views but cautioned for the faint-hearted.

Skyline Drive, Colorado: A three-mile scenic drive with one lane, no guardrails, and breathtaking views but demands slow and cautious driving, especially in daylight.

I-95, Florida: Considered one of the deadliest U.S. roads due to heavy traffic, its 1,919-mile length, curves, slippery surface, frequent storms, and unfamiliar drivers.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia: Scenic but perilous route with winding roads and sharp drop-offs, witnessing over 349 crashes in 2019, demanding extra caution.

Interstate 70, Colorado: Treacherous section of the transcontinental freeway with many twists, turns, and high altitude challenges, making hazards less visible.