The 7 Best Pets For Teenagers and Older Children

Rats: Rats make great pets for older children due to their loving nature and manageable care requirements. They add structure and responsibility to a child's routine, fostering growth and thoughtfulness.

Canaries and Finches: Ideal for kids who prefer observing over handling, canaries and finches require minimal physical interaction. These birds are beautiful and active, offering visual enjoyment.

Guinea Pigs: Guinea pigs are popular among kids for their calm demeanor and social nature. They actively engage with humans and are relatively low maintenance.

Rabbits: While rabbits can be loving companions, they require careful handling and are better suited for older children. They thrive on attention and interaction, providing a long-term commitment for families willing to invest time and care.

Cats and Dogs: Common but major commitments, cats and dogs require significant time, money, and responsibility. Children can actively participate in their care, learning important life skills and fostering a strong bond with their pets.

Bearded Dragons: A unique option for older children, bearded dragons are gentle and enjoy being handled. They require specialized care, including UV lighting and temperature control.

Corn Snakes: Easy to handle and relatively low-maintenance, corn snakes are suitable for families prepared to care for a pet snake. They require special care but can be rewarding pets for older children interested in reptiles.