The 7 Best Gentle Yoga Poses for People With Arthritis

Dynamic Side Stretch: Sitting upright, inhale and lift your left arm out to the side and up. Exhale, reaching over to the right while keeping both hips on the chair. Inhale and return to starting position, then exhale and lower your left arm.

Deep Breathing: Place your right hand on your abdomen and left hand on your chest. Inhale deeply, allowing your torso to expand, then exhale slowly through pursed lips. Repeat as desired to calm your nervous system and reduce stress.

Hand Mobilization: Extend your hands in front of you, wiggle your fingers, open and close your hands, and bring each finger toward your thumb. Shake your hands out and repeat to reduce stiffness and provide a break from repetitive movements.

Knee Stabilization: Sit in a chair with feet planted firmly. Inhale, then exhale to extend your right leg forward with toes pointed up. Inhale to lower your leg back down, then repeat on the left side to strengthen major muscles stabilizing the knee joint.

Progressive Relaxation: Sit in a chair with feet planted firmly. Lift both feet off the floor and tense leg muscles, then relax. Squeeze and release arm muscles, then engage and relax abdominal muscles. Tighten and release facial muscles before allowing your body to rest and relax.

Neck Rolls: Sit or stand tall, inhale and gently drop your right ear towards your right shoulder. Exhale and roll your chin towards your chest, then inhale and roll your left ear towards your left shoulder. Repeat several times to release tension in the neck and shoulders.

Seated Forward Fold: Sit on the edge of a chair with feet hip-width apart. Inhale, lengthen your spine, then exhale and hinge at your hips, folding forward with a straight back. Hold for a few breaths, then inhale to come back up. This stretch releases tension in the back and hamstrings.