Ten White Flowers That Will Give Your Garden Everlasting Beauty

Roses (Rosa spp.)

White roses symbolize purity and innocence, and they come in various varieties, each with its unique charm.

Lilies (Lilium spp.)

Oriental and Asiatic lilies often come in stunning white varieties, adding a touch of sophistication to your garden.

Daisies (Leucanthemum spp.)

Shasta daisies have classic white petals with a sunny yellow center, creating a bright and cheerful display.

Hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.)

Many hydrangea varieties, such as Annabelle and Limelight, offer large clusters of white blooms that can last throughout the season.

Tulips (Tulipa spp.)

White tulips, whether in traditional or fringed varieties, bring a sense of purity and simplicity to spring gardens.

Orchids (Orchidaceae family)

Various orchid species and hybrids feature stunning white blooms, often associated with beauty and elegance.

Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia spp.)

With their elegant, trumpet-shaped flowers, calla lilies add a touch of sophistication to gardens and bouquets.

Phlox (Phlox paniculata)

White phlox varieties, such as 'David,' produce clusters of fragrant flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Daffodils (Narcissus spp.)

While primarily known for their yellow hues, some daffodil varieties, like 'Thalia,' offer beautiful white blooms.

Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)

White cosmos flowers have delicate, feathery petals that add a light and airy quality to garden borders.

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