Surprising Places Rattlesnakes Like to Hide Around Your Home

Snakes usually come out more in spring, but this year, one bit someone before February was even over. Experts say warmer temperatures are making snakes come out sooner.

So, it's important to be extra careful where you live. We talked to experts to learn where snakes might hide around your home to help keep you safe.

In crawl spaces

If you spot rattlesnakes at home, they might be in tight spots like crawl spaces. They chill most of the time, only active for food or warmth.

Behind appliances

Rattlesnakes might hide near your appliances for warmth. Seal gaps to keep them out.

In yard debris

Make sure your yard is tidy to avoid rattlesnakes. Keep grass short and clear away debris. Rattlesnakes like hidden spots, so open space makes them move on.

Under a porch or deck

Rattlesnakes like cool, shady spots in warm weather. They hide under porches or decks where it's dark and quiet. They find food like insects and rodents there. You might see more snakes in spring when rodents are around.

In the garage

More snakes, especially rattlesnakes, might be in your garage due to warmth, shelter, and food. They can sneak in through tiny openings. If you spot one, step back and get professional help.