Seven Different Types of Cat Litter

Clay Litter: Clay cat litter, the most popular choice for cat owners, is widely available in both clumping and non-clumping varieties. 

Silica Gel Litter: Silica gel cat litter is gaining popularity due to its excellent odor control and lower dust compared to clay.

Walnut Shell Litter: Walnut shell litter, made from ground-up walnut shells, offers high absorbency, odor control, and low dust.

Pine Litter: Pine litter, made from pine trees, is lightweight, low-dust, and naturally fights odors. It is environmentally friendly and comes in both clumping

Wheat Litter: Wheat litter, made from processed wheat, is another eco-friendly choice. It clumps, controls odors, and is flushable.

Grass Litter: Grass litter, although less common, is a natural alternative made from dried, biodegradable grass seed.

Corn Litter: Corn litter, composed of dried corn kernels, is biodegradable and lightweight. However, there may be concerns about mold growth and clumping