Nonna's 8 Italian Classics That Resonate With Tradition

Low Carb Gnocchi with Fresh Spinach Sauce : Indulge in guilt-free gnocchi topped with a flavorful spinach sauce, marrying Italian comfort with a health-conscious twist.

Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer : Start your meal with these simple yet savory stuffed mushrooms, a delightful prelude to any Italian feast.

Rainbow Fathead Pizza : Elevate pizza night with this colorful and flavorful rainbow fathead pizza, offering a low-carb alternative without sacrificing taste.

Palmini Baked Fetta Pasta : Experience the richness of Italian flavors in this comforting palmini baked fetta pasta, a low-carb delight.

Low Carb Lasagna with Ground Beef ; Savor the familiar taste of classic lasagna made with ground beef and rich sauces, now in a low-carb version.

Stuffed Bell Peppers : Enjoy a nutritious and visually stunning meal with these stuffed bell peppers, bursting with Italian-inspired flavors.

Low Carb Gnocchi Tomato Basil : Delight in traditional Italian flavors with a healthy twist in these low-carb gnocchi with tomato basil sauce.

Stuffed Zucchini Mini Bites : Indulge in these flavorful and easy-to-make stuffed zucchini mini bites, perfect as an appetizer or side dish for any occasion.