NBA All-Star Game: 8 Legendary Moments of Iconic Dunks

Michael Jordan jumped from the free-throw line, flying gracefully through the air and dunking the ball, thrilling fans everywhere.

Michael Jordan's Free Throw Line Dunk (1988)

Terence Stansbury wowed fans in 1987 with his "Statue of Liberty" dunk, securing his spot as one of the most exciting dunkers ever.

Terence Stansbury's "Statue of Liberty" Dunk (1987)

Nate Robinson dressed up as "Krypto-Nate" and dunked over Dwight Howard, making history with his energy and creativity!

Nate Robinson's "Krypto-Nate" Dunk (2009)

Dominique Wilkins wowed everyone with a powerful windmill dunk using both hands, making him a dunking legend!

Dominique Wilkins' Two-Handed Windmill Dunk (1985)

Aaron Gordon amazed everyone with a cool dunk over the mascot, showing off his creativity and skill. Fans and players couldn't believe it!

Aaron Gordon's Over-the-Mascot Dunk (2016)

Aaron Gordon jumped high, smoothly moved the ball between his legs, and scored, impressing fans and players.

Aaron Gordon's Under-the-Legs Dunk (2016)

Zach LaVine jumped high, dribbled between his legs, then slammed the ball into the hoop with style and skill!

Zach LaVine's Between-the-Legs Dunk (2016)

Blake Griffin amazed people by jumping over a car for a powerful dunk, showing off his skills in a moment that will be remembered for a long time.

Blake Griffin's Car Dunk (2011)