Discover 7  White Birds In Florida

Rock Pigeon: Medium-sized bird with distinctive two-tone plumage and iridescent neck displaying colors like purples, greens, and bronzes.

Ring-Billed Gull: Medium-sized gull with white body, gray wings, and a black ring around its yellow bill, featuring yellow legs and webbed feet.

Great Egret: Stunning bird with large, white plumage, long S-shaped neck, and slender black legs, developing long plumes on back, neck, and head during breeding season.

Cattle Egret: Small, white heron with compact body and short legs, featuring yellow bill and legs, and vibrant orange coloration during breeding season.

Snowy Egret: Small, elegant heron with striking white plumage, long black legs, and bright yellow feet, growing long plumes on back and chest during breeding season.

White Ibis: Medium-sized wading bird with curved bill, white body and wings, and reddish-brown plumes on back and neck during breeding season.

American White Pelican: Large waterbird with white body, broad wingspan, and large pouched bill, featuring orange coloration during breeding season and yellow outside of breeding season.