9 Ways to Improve Your Western Riding

Choose a Horse Suited to Your Riding Skill: 

Select a horse based on your riding ability. Beginners should ride slower, calmer horses. Speak up if you're uncomfortable with your horse.

Hold the Reins Properly: 

Use one hand to hold both reins. Move your hand slightly forward and to the side for turns. Adjust your body in the direction of the turn.

Maintain Eye Contact: 

Keep your eyes on the path ahead. Helps maintain balance and control.

Learn the Terminology: 

Familiarize yourself with horse colors, tack, and gaits. Enables better communication with other riders.

Ride Like a Pro: 

Sit upright with weight evenly distributed. Relax your back and move with the horse's motion. Dress appropriately in comfortable cowboy attire.

Accept Falling as Part of Learning: 

Don't fear falling; it's a normal part of riding. Laugh it off, get back up, and continue riding.

Stay Calm and Confident: 

Keep nerves in check; horses sense emotions. Deep breaths and talking to others can help.

Show Affection to Your Horse: 

Pat your horse and use its name frequently. Treats like apples or carrots can strengthen your bond.

Ask Questions and Interact: 

Clear doubts by asking questions. Learn about the horses, the facility, and safety measures.