9 “Healthy” Cooking Myths It’s Time to Let Go Of

Cooking with Fat: Fat was once vilified, but it's essential for bodily functions and nutrient absorption.

Seasoning with Salt: Salt is necessary for bodily functions; moderation is key.

Fruit Add-Ins: Fruit provides essential nutrients and can even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Processed Convenience Foods: Many processed foods are fortified and can be nutritious.

Fresh vs. Frozen or Canned Vegetables: Frozen or canned vegetables can be just as nutritious and more affordable.

Brown Rice vs. White Rice: White rice can still be nutritious when paired with fiber-rich foods.

The Mediterranean Diet: Other cuisines offer unique nutritional benefits; there's no one right way to eat healthy.

Microwaving Nutrients: Microwaving food is not significantly different from other cooking methods.

Time and Expense of Healthy Cooking: Nutritious meals can be quick, convenient, and budget-friendly with the right resources and knowledge.