9 Best Hair Trends That Will Be In Demand In 2024 According To AI

Natural Textures: Embracing and enhancing natural hair textures has been a growing trend, promoting diverse and individualistic styles.

Sustainable Colors: Eco-friendly and sustainable hair color options, such as plant-based dyes, have been on the rise, reflecting a broader environmental consciousness.

Curtain Bangs: This versatile and face-framing bang style has been popular and might continue to be a sought-after choice for its soft and flattering appeal.

Modern Shag Cut: The shag haircut, with its textured layers, has been making a comeback. Its adaptability and chic, undone look make it a potential trend in 2024.

Bold Colors and Contrasts: Vibrant and contrasting colors, including pastels and bold hues, continue to be a trend, allowing for creative and eye-catching expressions.

90s Inspired Styles: Nostalgic hairstyles inspired by the 90s, such as chunky highlights and crimped hair, may continue to influence trends in 2024.

Effortless Updos: Low-maintenance and casual updos, like messy buns and loose twists, are likely to remain popular for their simplicity and style.

Geometric Shapes and Undercuts: Bold and edgy styles, incorporating geometric shapes and undercuts, could be part of the avant-garde trends in 2024.

Wet Look Hairstyles: The wet hair look, achieved through styling products, has been a runway favorite and may continue as a fashionable and edgy choice.

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