9 Best Funky Hairstyles For Girls To Try In 2024

Tousled Pixie

Get noticed with this deep, side-parted tousled pixie. Blonde ends and dark roots make this pixie stand out. Put accent braids on one side and finish with texturizing spray for a sassy style.

Finger Waves

Add vintage flair to your unique appearance with finger waves. This camp haircut looks great with a flapper outfit and red lips. Keep the style in place with a light gel.

Crazy Buzz Cut

Try this insane buzzcut this year. Your head should be covered in short hair, adjacent to a clean shave.

Flying Ponytail Braid

This stiff wavy ponytail braid can grab attention fast. For a unique flying effect, lift and texturize the braid foundation.

Highlighted Wispy Bob

Create a boho style with your short bob haircut. Random highlights make thin wavy and wispy layers look amazing.

Tied Purple Hair With Shaved Sides

A cool girl haircut is here! Shave both sides and dye the short center-top hair vivid purple. Adding an elastic band makes it funkier.

Vibrant Multicolored Textured Locks

This vibrant short multicolored bob will set you different. This textured hairdo is perfect for people with funny bones.

Airy and Volumized Top Hair

Girls with only top hair and almost shaved heads are punks. To keep hair airy, tease it a lot and spray with hairspray.

Tight Voluptuous Copper-Red Curls

This shoulder-length layered haircut has a rockstar vibe with to its tight curls, extreme volume, and bright copper-red color.