8 Vegan Sandwiches That Are Perfect for Lunch

Heirloom Tomato Sandwich: A summer-favorite with creamy avocado and tangy white bean spread.

Avocado Sandwich: Avocado toast lovers rejoice with a sandwich featuring lemon-edamame spread, crisp cucumber, and pickled red onion.

Romesco Cauliflower Sandwiches: Roasted cauliflower meets punchy romesco sauce for a flavorful veggie delight.

Tomato, Basil & Artichoke Picnic Sandwich: Perfect for picnics, this hearty sandwich with tomato, basil, and artichoke gets even better when prepared ahead.

Vegan Egg Salad: A tofu-based sandwich with turmeric, vegan mayo, capers, chives, and dill for a briny and bright delight.

Crispy Shiitake Vegan BLT: A vegan twist on the classic BLT, featuring savory shiitake bacon.

Vegan Club Sandwich: A tempeh-filled delight with marinated tempeh, fresh veggies, and two delicious spreads – one lemony white bean and the other with sun-dried tomatoes.

Vegan Sandwiches for PB&J Lovers: Elevate the classic PB&J with a delicious and creative vegan twist.