8 top tips for being a responsible cat owner

Essentials for Cat Care: Ensure your cat has a food bowl, water bowl, and collar with an ID tag. Provide a diet rich in proteins and nutrients, along with fresh water.

Microchip and Vaccinate: Microchip and vaccinate your cat to ensure her health and safety. Adoption from RSPCA NSW includes microchipping.

Maintain Worming and Flea Treatments: Keep your cat protected from parasites. Consult your vet for a treatment schedule.

Clear Hazards from Home: Remove potential dangers like medications, toxic plants, etc. Ensure a safe environment for your cat.

Provide Stimulation: Offer treats, toys, and enrichment activities to keep your cat engaged and happy. Regularly change toys and provide scratching posts and hiding spots.

Keep Cat Indoors: Prevent loss, hunting, and disease by keeping your cat indoors. Provide adequate enrichment to ensure her happiness.

Regular Check-ups: Schedule vet visits every 6 months to a year to maintain your cat's health and catch any issues early.

Brush and Bathe:Regular grooming prevents matting and skin issues. Occasionally bathe your cat to maintain hygiene.