8 Things You Should Know if You’re Going to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

1. Increased Pregnancy Risk: Conception can occur swiftly post-pill cessation, with up to 96% conceiving within a year.

2. Irregular Menstrual Cycle: Periods may become erratic initially, particularly if they were regular due to hormonal influence.

3. Heavier Periods and More Cramping: Previous heavy flow and pain may return post-discontinuation.

4. Resurgence of PMS Symptoms: Hormonal balance provided by the pill can diminish, potentially leading to mood swings.

5. Ovulation Symptoms: Mid-cycle cramping and increased vaginal discharge may occur as ovulation resumes.

6. Weight Fluctuations: Progestin-based methods may lead to weight gain, which could reverse upon discontinuation.

7. Skin and Hair Changes: Acne and unwanted hair growth may reappear as hormone levels fluctuate.

8. Libido Changes: Some may experience increased libido post-discontinuation, particularly from low-dose pills.