8 Things So Expensive You Should Stop Buying Them

Taco Seasoning and Spice Packets: Make your own mix in bulk to save money and customize flavors.

Frozen Convenience Foods: Create homemade versions in bulk for cost savings and healthier options.

Individual Portions of Snacks: Buy in bulk and divide into individual portions to control portion sizes and reduce waste.

Glasses at the Eye Doctor: Consider buying glasses online for lower prices and a wider selection.

Shaving Cream: Use conditioner or men's versions to avoid "pink tax" and save money.

Lip Balm: Use natural oils like coconut oil instead of expensive lip balms for cost savings and better skin benefits.

Makeup Remover: Aloe vera is a cheaper and natural alternative for makeup removal.

Feminine Hygiene Products: Consider using a menstrual cup for cost savings and eco-friendliness.