8 Most Expensive Colleges in the World

Franklin & Marshall College - Franklin & Marshall College, one of the oldest in the US, started in 1787 with Benjamin Franklin's donation. It's small with 2,400 students but offers 60 majors.

Columbia University - Columbia Uni, founded 1754, is pricey & competitive. Offers diverse courses. Low acceptance rate (5.5%). Financial aid available, incl. $66k grant for int'l students.

Reed College - Reed College in Portland, OR was founded in 1908. It has 40 bachelor's programs, 1,400 students, and small classes with low teacher-student ratio.

Vassar College - Vassar College is a small liberal arts school in New York. Founded in 1861 as a women's college, it now accepts men too. Around 2,500 students study there, with 51 majors.

Tufts University - Tufts University in Medford, MA, is a top art school. Even with higher costs, it might cover all your education expenses if you show good grades.

University of Southern California - USC is famous for academics and football. Great for film/photography. Big sports program too.

Boston College - Boston College, started in 1863 in Boston, MA, has undergrad, grad, and prof schools focused on liberal arts. With 15,000 students, it offers 50 fields of study and a big sports program.

Haverford - Haverford College started in 1833 in Haverford, PA. It's a small school with 1,400 students. They talk about ideas a lot and offer 50+ majors.