8 Lovely Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Long Flowy Locks With A Fringe Take inspiration from the elegant Jane Seymour and opt for long, flowing locks with a fringe to cover a large forehead and accentuate facial features.

Full-On Curls Embrace your natural curls like Diana Ross by adding light side bangs and layers to prevent heaviness, achieving a fierce and wild look.

Subtle Blonde Bob Channel Dame Helen Mirren's iconic style with a soft blonde bob and a full fringe, exuding sophistication and versatility.

Voluminous Curls With A Fringe Combat aging hair with voluminous curls styled from the ears down, enhancing bounce and texture with the help of hairspray or mousse for a lasting effect.

Lightly Brushed Back Hair Achieve a sophisticated look like Faye Dunaway by brushing hair backward with a round brush and blowdryer, finishing with hairspray for a polished appearance.

Curls And A Little Lift Take cues from Jane Seymour's lifted and curled bangs to add thickness and fullness, while curling hair towards the face for a slimming effect.

Pink Bob For an edgy twist, experiment with a subtle pastel hue like a light candy pink shade, adding lift and texture with a comb and finishing with mousse or gel for long-lasting hold.

Side Bangs And A Half Ponytail Emulate Meryl Streep's timeless elegance with a side-parted hair styled in a loose half ponytail, featuring inward-combed bangs and curved hair ends for a flattering look.