8 Hard Lessons About Friendships That Nobody Wants to Admit

Friendships Can Fade Over Time: As life changes, so do friendships. Accepting this natural drift is part of life's journey.

Not All Friendships Are Meant to Last Forever: Some friends come and go, teaching us valuable lessons along the way.

Effort Is a Two-Way Street: True friendships require effort from both sides.

Common Interests Do Not Guarantee a Lasting Bond: Mutual respect and emotional connection are key.

Conflicts Are Inevitable: How we handle disagreements can strengthen or weaken a friendship.

Distance Can Be a Friendship’s Biggest Test: Staying in touch requires effort when friends move away.

Social Media Can Distort Perceptions: Remember, online interactions don't always reflect reality.

Jealousy Can Creep Into the Best of Friendships: Addressing feelings openly is crucial to prevent rifts.