8 Habits Of Classy Men That Leave A Lasting Impression

Being Genuine: Genuine and authentic behavior is a cornerstone of classy men.

Having Confidence: Classy men exude confidence through body language, eye contact, and a firm handshake.

Having Good Manners: Good manners, from small gestures to punctuality and respectful behavior, define classy individuals.

Walking the Walk: Refined men uphold integrity, sticking to a moral code and aligning actions with beliefs.

Being Consistent: Classy men maintain consistency in their behavior, showcasing genuineness.

Having Many Interests: Depth of character is shown through diverse hobbies and interests.

Keeping Calm Under Pressure: Classy men are problem solvers who remain composed in stressful situations.

Dressing Well: Impeccable dressing is a visual cue for class. Classy men have a versatile wardrobe, including well-fitted suits and smart-casual outfits, enhancing their perceived sophistication and style.