8 Foods That Can Make You Dehydrated and Feel Extra-Thirsty

Ultra-Processed Foods: Foods like potato chips, frozen meals, fast food, and candy bars are high in sodium and added sugars, making them dehydrating options.

Deli Meats: Processed meats, such as ham and bacon, are high in sodium and considered carcinogenic, contributing to dehydration.

Pickles: Loaded with sodium, pickles can be dehydrating, but opting for lower sodium varieties can help mitigate this effect.

Soy Sauce: High in sodium, soy sauce can contribute to dehydration, so it's best enjoyed sparingly.

Sweets/Desserts: Desserts containing refined sugar or artificial sweeteners can lead to fluid excretion or diarrhea, contributing to dehydration.

Asparagus: Asparagus contains a diuretic called asparagine, but its high water content mitigates its dehydrating effects unless consumed excessively

Artichokes: Like asparagus, artichokes contain asparagine and act as diuretics, but their typical consumption levels are unlikely to significantly impact hydration.

Beets: High in potassium, beets aid in flushing fluids from the body, potentially leading to increased urination and the need for hydration replenishment.