8 Foods Our Grandparents Loved But We Don't Eat Anymore

Ambrosia Salad: Ambrosia salad, a concoction of fruit, marshmallows, maraschino cherries, and coconut, often seen at Southern family gatherings.

Aspic: Aspic, a gelatin dish once used for meat preservation, declined in popularity with the advent of refrigeration and pre-made alternatives.

Carob: Carob, known as a chocolate substitute despite its distinct flavor, experienced a decline in popularity but still has its fans for unique recipes like carob cake.

Flying Jacob: Flying Jacob, a Swedish casserole featuring chicken, cream, chili sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts, and bacon, named after an airfreight professional.

Bologna Cake: Bologna cake, a humorous creation consisting of layered bologna and cream cheese, sometimes adorned with crackers, cheese whiz, or onions.

Apricot Chicken: Apricot chicken, an Australian dish from the 1970s made with chicken thighs, French onion soup mix, flour, and apricot nectar.

Prawn Cocktail: Prawn cocktail, a spicy seafood dish originating from Great Britain in the 1960s, typically served with a sauce made from ketchup, clam juice, lime juice, hot sauce, and horseradish.

Pineapple Cheese Ball: Pineapple cheese ball, a festive treat made with cream cheese, green peppers, onion, pineapple, and pecans, rolled into a ball and served with crackers.