8 Food Dishes That Are Absolute Symbols of Hawaii

Huli Huli Chicken: Grilled chicken glazed with pineapple, a Hawaiian BBQ favorite introduced by Ernest Morgado, offering a sweet teriyaki crunch.

Saimin Soup: A thick wheat noodle soup with ham, fish cake, and chives, served in fish broth, a comforting Hawaiian dish.

Poke: A popular Hawaiian dish featuring raw fish like salmon or octopus, served with rice, vegetables, and flavorful toppings.

Lomi Lomi Salmon: A side dish made with salted fish, tomatoes, and onions, akin to ceviche and often served with lunch platters.

Lau Lau: Pork or butterfish wrapped in taro leaves, steamed over an underground fire, a traditional Polynesian dish.

Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie: A creamy coconut custard pie with chocolate flavor, a beloved Hawaiian dessert similar to coconut cream pie.

Kalua Pork: Slow-cooked pork in an underground oven, imbued with smoky flavor from banana and ti leaves, a Hawaiian delicacy.

Spam Musubi: White rice topped with spam and wrapped in seaweed, a handheld Hawaiian snack with a unique flavor.