8 Extremely Rare Fruits You Probably Never Heard Of

Blue Banana: Also known as the blue Java banana or ice cream banana, this unique fruit has a creamy texture reminiscent of vanilla ice cream and a blue-green skin when unripe, gradually turning pale yellow as it ripens.

Buddha's Hand: With its unusual appearance and sweet lemon blossom aroma, Buddha's Hand stands out among citrus fruits. It lacks juice or pulp but can be used whole due to its mild-tasting pith.

Black Sapote: Often called the chocolate pudding fruit, the black sapote has a green skin and black, sticky pulp that tastes like chocolate pudding. It is popular in Central America and used in desserts like mousse and cake.

Canistel Fruit: Also known as eggfruit, the canistel fruit has bright egg yolk-yellow flesh that is smooth and custardy when ripe, resembling a hard-boiled yolk. It is native to southern Mexico and used in dishes like eggnog.

Banana Passionfruit: Resembling a small banana on the outside, the banana passionfruit is filled with tart and tangy passionfruit pulp studded with black seeds. It is known by various names and used in drinks like sorbete de curuba.

Kino (Kiwano / Horned Melon): This unique fruit from the cucurbit family tastes like a mix of banana and kiwi, with cucumber-like seeds. It is used fresh, in fruit salads, or in cocktails for a refreshing twist.

Hala Fruit: The hala fruit, also known as the Tahitian screw pine, has a large edible structure made up of numerous segments called keys or cones. Its sweet pulp is squeezed out from the segments and can be eaten fresh, boiled, or juiced.

Atemoya: A cross-breed of the sweetsop and cherimoya, the atemoya has a sweet vanilla apple flavor with soft flesh, earning it the nickname "custard apple" or "pineapple sugar apple." It is used in cocktails and compared to a Pina Colada for its tropical taste.