8 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair to Do in Just a Few Minutes

Trendy Bow Hairdo: This chic hairstyle requires a bit of practice but will surely impress everyone. Simply split a low ponytail, loop its sections, and cover a hair elastic to create a stunning bow effect.

Massive Side Braid Updo: Braids are a classic choice for easy hairstyles for long hair. This version involves braiding and wrapping the ends into a loose side bun, requiring just a bit of accuracy to achieve the desired look.

Easy Formal Updo: Despite their intricate appearance, some updos for long hair are surprisingly simple to create. Opt for a loose upbraid updo to achieve a glamorous yet casual look for various occasions.

Cinnamon Roll Easy Work Hairstyle: Perfect for a day at the office, this hairstyle resembles a cinnamon roll and requires using plenty of pins to secure each section. Be sure to secure each section carefully to prevent the final bun from falling apart.

Quick Bridal Updo for Wavy Hair: Ideal for brides with wavy hair, this updo can be achieved with just a few easy steps. While it's manageable to do on your own, enlisting someone's help, especially on your big day, can ensure everything looks perfect.

Simple Bubble Pony Half-Up Hairdo: This trendy half-up hairstyle features bubble ponytails and can be completed in under 10 minutes. While there are many tutorials available online, this style is self-explanatory and easy to achieve.

Wavy Loose Low Bun Updo: Easy hairstyles for long hair, like this wavy loose low bun updo, offer both comfort and class. Quick buns, messy braids, and effortless waves are current and beautiful options for any occasion.

Cute and Easy Long Boho Style: Elegantly messy and always popular, this boho style features a crown of two chunky braids. Suitable for naturally wavy hair or flat iron curls, it's a simple yet stylish choice for long hair.