8 Cool Mullet Haircuts for Women in 2024

The mullet haircut for women is short on top and sides, long at the back. It's trendy now, suits all hair types, even curly. Curly hair makes it look softer.

Curly Mullet

You can style a mullet however you like, even adding a fade for a cool touch. It's all about making it your own!

Mullet Fade

Perms make waves or curls, giving volume and bounce. Modern perms are less damaging, creating cute, bouncy curls with movement.

Permed Mullet

Short hair for women looks great. It's liberating and defies old gender rules. A short mullet is easy to maintain, with short sides and a longer back, giving style options.

Short Mullet

Asian hair is usually thick & straight, making it look nice & healthy. You can style it in many ways. The mullet haircut is low-maintenance & suits most faces.

Asian Mullet

The mohawk mullet mixes two haircuts, great for bold looks. It's a strip of hair from front to back, with shaved or short sides for contrast. Longer in the back for a subtle difference.

Mohawk Mullet

In the 80s, the mullet was cool: business in front, party in the back. Short on top and sides, long in the back with choppy layers for style.

80s Mullet

The new mullet is a twist on the old style. It has short sides and a longer back, giving room to play with length and style. You can customize it to fit your face and look.

Modern Mullet