8 Best Hiking Dogs of All Sizes To Keep You Company on the Trail

BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG: Originating from the Swiss Mountains, Bernese Mountain Dogs are big, friendly giants who prefer outdoor adventures and make excellent hiking companions.

SIBERIAN HUSKY: Known for their resemblance to wolves, Siberian Huskies are outgoing, active dogs bred for endurance and are comfortable in snowy terrain, making them great hiking partners.

LABRADOR RETRIEVER: Even-tempered and ready for hours on the trail, Labrador Retrievers excel in hiking and love water activities, making them ideal companions for outdoor adventures.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD: Intelligent and agile, Australian Shepherds are excellent hiking partners, thriving in demanding activities and enjoying encounters with other hikers.

BORDER COLLIE: With high speed and intelligence, Border Collies are great companions for trail running and hiking, benefiting from mental stimulation and diverse terrains.

GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER: Enthusiastic and energetic, German Shorthaired Pointers love long outings, running in vast fields, and exploring nature, making them contagious trail buddies.

BEAGLE: Confident and with a strong sense of smell, Beagles make great hiking partners, staying on the trail and enjoying unique scents along the way.

CAIRN TERRIER: Despite their small size, Cairn Terriers love to explore and are well-suited for hiking, with their wiry coats protecting them in harsh weather conditions.