8 Best Hair Color Trends & Ideas for 2024

Two-Toned Blue and Black Hair Color

Get two-tone hair by adding blue to your dark hair. It's a cool update, especially on your bangs. Bangs can freshen up your look and highlight your features.

Jet Black Hair Color

"Jet black hair is the darkest shade of black. It looks great on most skin tones, adds shine, and can be styled to highlight your face. Add dark brown highlights for a softer look."

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Black hair looks cool with other colors like blue. Highlights add depth. Blue can make hair shiny and stand out. Bold colors show personality.

Solid Black Hair Color

Black hair is cool and versatile. It suits everyone and can be styled in different ways to show off your natural texture. It's bold and shiny, making it a great choice for any woman.

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Mixing black and blonde creates a cool look. Adding blonde streaks can make your hair stand out and brighten your face. Go for bold streaks or delicate touches near the ends.

Black and Gray Ombre 

Ombre blends light and dark colors in hair for a low-maintenance lift. Pair black hair with grey for a chic look that's easier to pull off.

Black Hair with Subtle Face Framing Highlights

Black hair looks great with shine. Add highlights around your face for a flattering look. Choose colors close to your hair for a natural style.

Black and Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre hair blends colors smoothly, like adding blue to black. You can adjust the contrast by choosing different shades of blue. It works on all hair types and lengths, giving depth without frequent touch-ups.