8 Best Core Exercises For Seniors To Improve Stability

Planks: Strengthen core muscles and improve stability by holding a plank position on elbows or hands.

Pelvic Tilts: Lie on back, bend knees, and tilt pelvis to engage core muscles, enhancing stability and posture.

Seated Knee Lifts: Sit on chair, lift knees towards chest, engaging abdominal muscles for stability.

Standing Side Leg Lifts: Stand tall, lift one leg sideways, engaging core muscles to maintain balance.

Bird Dog: On hands and knees, extend opposite arm and leg while keeping core engaged, improving stability and coordination.

Seated Russian Twists: Sit on chair, twist torso from side to side, engaging core muscles for stability and mobility.

Bridge: Lie on back, bend knees, lift hips off the ground, engaging core and glute muscles for stability and strength.

Standing Marches: Stand tall, lift knees towards chest alternately, engaging core muscles for stability and balance while improving mobility.