7 uncommon cat breeds you might not know about


A member of the hairless cat club, the Peterbald comes in various coat types from totally hairless to a normal, short coat. Bred in Russia in 1993, they are extremely social and affectionate

Kurilian Bobtail

Originating from the Kuril Islands in Russia, these cats boast a distinctive short, pompom tail. Known for their outgoing personality and adaptability

Turkish Van

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Turkish Vans are energetic cats hailing from eastern Turkey. With a water-resistant coat, they enjoy water activities and are loyal companions.


Recognizable by their shimmering silver coat, Burmillas are a charming blend of Burmese and Chinchilla Persian breeds. They are affectionate yet independent, enjoying attention

Havana Brown

Sporting a deep chocolate coat, Havana Browns are affectionate cats thriving on human companionship. Curious by nature, they enjoy investigating new things and are always ready for a nap.


Considered good luck in Thailand, Korats are loyal and energetic cats with a knack for problem-solving. With a unique silver-tipped coat and a heart-shaped head.


Originating in 1982, LaPerms boast a curly coat, kinked eyebrows, and curled whiskers. Active and affectionate, they enjoy participating in family life.