7 Top Rated Chicken Wings In Every State

Alabama: Baumhower's Victory Grille: Offering a diverse range of wing options, including Buffalo, lemon pepper, and Jamaican jerk, Baumhower's Victory Grille provides a broad sampling of Alabama's wing repertoire.

Alaska: 907 Wingman: With an emphasis on heat and experimentation, 907 Wingman stands out in Alaska's limited wing scene. Offering options like flame or lemongrass, this spot provides a unique twist on traditional wing flavors in the state.

Arizona: ATL Wings: ATL Wings captures the essence of Arizona's diverse wing offerings with its ATL style wings. Featuring a dry rub, crispy skin, and unique blend of spices.

Arkansas: Foghorn's: Foghorn's, with its five locations and 50 sauces, offers a vibrant wing-centric experience in Fayetteville. Featuring flavors like acid rain and habanero sweet barbecue.

California: Ye Rustic Inn: Ye Rustic Inn, a beloved LA landmark, delivers cheap yet satisfying wings with a medium spice level. With a stripped-down menu focused on perfectly sauced.

Colorado: Ace Eat Serve: Ace Eat Serve in Denver elevates Colorado's wing scene with its triple-fried Tiger wings featuring sweet-and-salty fish sauce. Paired with innovative cocktails and pingpong tables.

Connecticut: J. Timothy's Taverne: J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville combines history with innovation, offering Buffalo Dirt Wings that breathe new life into the classic Buffalo wing.