7 Things to Know Before Installing Heated Floors

Tip 1: Make a Plan : Begin by measuring the entire space you intend to heat, including all permanent fixtures. Warmup offers an estimating service to provide a quote and layout for the recommended mat system. 

Tip 2: Make Sure to Read the Directions : Upon receiving a quote from Warmup, visit their website to review installation videos, product specifications, requirements, and manuals.

Tip 3: Test, Test, and Test Again using a Multimeter : Upon receiving your product, test the wires to ensure the resistance is within 15% of the ohm reading on the box.

Tip 4: Install With Heater Wires Facing Down : Install with the mesh side up for added protection during installation. Installing wire side down does not affect efficiency or functionality.

Tip 5: Use a Plastic Trowel : To prevent nicks in the heater, use a plastic trowel when tiling. Any nicks can damage the system.

Tip 6: Install a Backup Sensor Probe : Install an extra sensor probe as a backup in case the primary probe is faulty or stops working.

Tip 7: Place the Factory Joint in the Floor : Embed the factory joint in thin set and tile to ensure the cable's longevity.