7 Theme Based Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Lavender Field: Create a rustic French village atmosphere with a lavender field leading to a stone flower-arranging studio, evoking the charm of the countryside.

Quaint Fencing: Achieve a balance between quaint and polished with a wooden fence surrounding a well-kept lawn, accented by wild lavender and a suspended canoe for added character.

Life-Size Chess: Incorporate tiered infinity pools into your landscape design, connecting a spa and swimming pool while providing entertainment with features like a life-size chess board, perfect for poolside lounging.

Structured Greenery: Revamp overgrown spaces with fresh brickwork and sculptural greenery like boxwood spheres and hedges, adding structure and elegance to outdoor areas.

Stone Partition: Enhance privacy and serenity with a partial stone wall supporting a pergola, creating a cozy fireplace zone while maintaining an open and green ambiance in the outdoor space.

Blooming Flower Border: Opt for rows of hydrangeas and hedges as an alternative to traditional garden fences, offering stunning pastel colors ideal for summer cottages and adding natural beauty to the landscape.

Strategic Paint Colors: Increase vertical greenery by painting fences or trellises in Go Away Green, a popular color choice among designers for its camouflaging effect, creating a seamless blend with the surroundings.