7 Stunning Ways to Style a Pixie Cut for Round Faces

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Volume on Top: Opt for a pixie cut with volume on top to elongate a round face, achieved by backcombing the crown for desired effect, making it ideal for thin hair.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs: Choose asymmetry to flatter round faces, such as a pixie with long asymmetrical bangs, which visually narrows the face and adds interest.

Pixie with Choppy Layers: Embrace low-maintenance chic with choppy layers in a pixie cut, offering versatility from sleek styles to funky looks, perfect for various occasions.

Messy Pixie Cut: Add personality with a spunky messy pixie cut, featuring blunt cut bangs and short sideburns, highlighting the face and allowing for experimentation with makeup.

Forward Styled Pixie Cut: Achieve a stylish look with a forward-styled pixie cut, incorporating piece-y bangs and spiky upper section, offering options for closely clipped sides or slightly longer lengths.

Spiky Pixie for Round Face: Create a fun style with a spiky pixie cut, sculpting hair up and out in the back for a playful yet chic appearance, perfect for those seeking a trendy look.

Pixie Cut with Curtain Bangs: Explore urban and modern vibes with a pixie cut featuring curtain bangs, keeping roots darkened for dimension and interest, suitable for those wanting a contemporary style.