7 Stunning Crown Braid Hairstyles For All Occasions

Braided Crown Bun

Create an elegant look by braiding a section of hair across the crown like a headband, then gather the rest into a loose bun.

Dutch Lace Braid

Cross strands under the center while braiding for a formal or casual style, securing with a tie at the nape.

Messy Crown Bun

Add a modern twist with skinny braids on the sides and a messy bun, pulling out strands for a relaxed look.

Tucked-in Crown Braid

Begin a French braid from the crown, flipping the ponytail inward and securing with pins for a chic finish.

Dutch Braided Pigtails

Create youthful pigtails with Dutch braids starting before the hairline and fluffing them out.

Flower Crown Braid

Make Dutch braids on each side and weave the ends into flower shapes, securing with pins for a romantic look.

Upside-down Braid Bun

Start a braid from the nape, tie the upper hair into a bun, then wrap the braid around it and pin for a stylish, active hairstyle.