7 Smartest Birds in the World in 2024

Western Scrub Jay

These clever birds deceive competitors by pretending to hide food in one spot while secretly stashing it elsewhere, outsmarting potential thieves.


Known for their intelligence, magpies demonstrate self-awareness by recognizing themselves in mirrors, a trait uncommon among other bird species.

Clark's Nutcracker

With remarkable memory, these birds store thousands of pine seeds in various locations during summer, relying on landmarks to retrieve them during winter.


Ravens exhibit intelligence through cooperative hunting strategies and problem-solving abilities, such as completing challenges set up by scientists.


These curious birds are famous for their penchant for shiny objects and their resourcefulness in using materials like animal hair for nest-building.

Red-Billed Chough

Recognized for their tool usage, red-billed choughs demonstrate intelligence by using objects to break open shells for food.


Rooks showcase problem-solving skills by creatively using stones to raise the water level in a bottle to reach a worm, highlighting their intelligence.