7 Of The Best Super Foods For Your Dog According to a Veterinarian


Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, promoting immune health and nourishing skin and hair in dogs, but caution is advised to avoid overdosing on fatty acids.


A trendy green loaded with vitamins and minerals, supporting liver and cardiovascular health in dogs, while spinach poses potential issues due to higher oxalate levels.


Fiber and antioxidant-rich, blueberries make a healthy dog treat, recommended by veterinary experts in appropriate serving sizes.


Despite not being classified as a "superfood," pears are a super treat for dogs, offering high fiber, low-calorie content, and a delicious alternative to commercial treats.

Purple Cabbage

An antioxidant-rich option in the purple vegetable spectrum, purple cabbage is suggested by veterinarians for a well-rounded canine diet.


A protein-packed superfood, eggs are recommended for promoting healthy digestion, strong bones, and providing essential vitamins A, D, E, and K for dogs.


Beneficial for digestion and gut health, pumpkin is recommended by veterinarians, emphasizing the importance of choosing pure pumpkin puree without added sugars.