7 of the Best Haircuts for Men Over 40

The Volumizer: Achieve amazing volume and texture regardless of hair thickness with the right cut, creating a fashionable yet natural style.

The Classic That Has Stood The Test Of Time: Opt for a timeless side parting for a modern and sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

The Quiff: Embrace your grey hair with a quiff style, showcasing your hair with moisturizing products to keep it swept back and stylish.

Long And Textured Waves: Flaunt natural wavy hair with longer, textured waves, pairing them with a full beard and mustache for a sophisticated hipster look.

Short Sides Fade Haircut With Volume On The Top: Get a neat yet stylish look with short sides and textured volume on top, perfect for both work and play.

 Long And Swept Back: Don't let age limit your hairstyle choices—rock longer hair with confidence with a swept-back style.

The Clean And Swept Back Style: Opt for a timeless swept-back hairstyle with shorter sides for easy manageability and plenty of volume on top.