7 Of Grandma's Go-To Comfort Food Classics

Great-Grandma’s Italian Meatballs : Audrey Colantino shares her great-grandmother's easy meatball recipe, combining ground beef and turkey for flavorful meatballs without the extra calories. A cherished family recipe from Winchester, Massachusetts.

Grandma's Carrot Cake : Denise Strasz reminisces about her grandma's special carrot cake, a prized recipe from her big country kitchen in Detroit, Michigan. Passed down through generations.

Grandma's Rice Dish : Lorna Moore recalls her grandmother's comforting rice dish, a simple yet nostalgic casserole that brings back cherished memories from Glendora, California. Perfect for reviving leftovers with familiar flavors.

Turkey Dumpling Stew : Becky Mohr shares her mom's beloved turkey dumpling stew, a childhood favorite that remains a hit with the tender dumplings. A weekend staple in Appleton, Wisconsin, loved by children and adults alike.

Grandma Brubaker's Orange Cookies : Sheri DeBolt celebrates her family's tradition of enjoying these light, delicate orange-flavored cookies for at least two generations in Huntington, Indiana. A timeless treat that brings joy to every bite.

Grandma Edna's Cajun Pork : Tonya Cline honors her grandma's Cajun pork recipe, a special dish reserved for family gatherings in Greenville, Ohio. Carrying on the delicious tradition for future generations to enjoy.

Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken with Potatoes : Mindy Rottmund shares a nutrition unit favorite, skillet-roasted lemon chicken with potatoes. Bursting with lemon-herb flavor, this simple yet delicious meal is a hit in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, perfect for any occasion.