7 must-read Comic Books of the 2000s

Invincible perfection. In the series, Robert Kirkman doesn't waste panels or words. Even the absurd ones. Every moment matters. Especially Mark and Omni-Man's battle talk.


There was plenty to dislike about DC Comics' New 52. Not Scott Snyder's Batman. It had everything you liked about the Dark Knight. The minor modifications didn't matter. Lore's heart was there.

Batman (New 52): 

Grayson is for readers who wish to know why Dick Grayson is revered. He goes beyond Robin and Nightwing. Many of his traits make him DC's top superhero squad leader.


Read this series to learn about Deadpool. Gerry Duggan understands Wade Wilson's narrative is tragic. The reason he builds Wade up is to destroy him. It best showcases Deadpool's snark, combat skills, attitude, and more.


Kelly Sue DeConnick built a world with more misogyny than actual reality. Women who disagree with men are banished to space prisons. Sometimes women are jailed for a “crime” they didn't commit. 

Bitch Planet: 

The MCU should emulate Astonishing X-Men. It's everything an X-title should be. Character growth, instances of what makes each hero great, and new X-Men heroes and villains are introduced.

Astonishing X-Men: 

Suicide Squad isn't depressing. Killer Croc's connection will captivate you (no spoilers), but this series is much more. Fighting, comedy, and Harley Quinn are key. 

Suicide Squad: