7 Must-Do Fridge Maintenance Tasks for a Lower Electric Bill

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1. Clean the Coils: Regularly clean refrigerator coils to improve efficiency by 30%. Dust accumulation can block airflow and cause the refrigerator to work harder.

2. Fix Weak Seals: Check and replace weak rubber door seals to prevent condensation and ice accumulation, which can strain the refrigerator's cooling components.

3. Defrost the Fridge and Freezer: Manually defrost the refrigerator and freezer if automatic defrosting is not working properly, especially when ice buildup exceeds a quarter-inch thickness.

4. Change the Water Filter: Install an inline water filter on your refrigerator's water supply line for cheaper and possibly better water filtration compared to brand-specific water filters.

5. Adjust the Temperature: Set the refrigerator and freezer temperatures according to the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid using excess energy.

6. Space the Refrigerator from the Wall: Improve air circulation and heat dissipation by positioning the refrigerator a few inches away from the wall.

7. Adjust the Room Temperature: Place the refrigerator in an air-conditioned room to ensure efficient cooling, as extreme temperatures can cause the refrigerator to use more energy.