7 Mouthwatering Meals We Cook Every Friday

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Chicken Fajitas: This tasty recipe is definitely going to be part of my weeknight dinner routine. The chicken fajita sauce in these well-known wraps makes your mouth water. They're easy to put together and always get great reviews.

Apricot Chicken: Simple apricot chicken is one of my favorites. Everyone loves it, and leftovers are great the next day. I substituted pork for chicken and added pineapple, mandarin oranges, snow peas, and broccoli.

Bean Burritos: So I always have the ingredients for this cheesy burrito recipe. Rice and cheese can be cooked and shredded the night before to save time during dinner. 

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet: I'm adjusting to married life and balancing our busy schedules. This fast one-dish ground turkey sweet potato skillet keeps us on track all week. 

Quick Beef and Noodles: Stroganoff is our favorite, and this meat and noodles recipe is lightened. Using deli meat saves hours of cooking a beef roast. This makes a lovely homestyle supper with a salad. 

Hawaiian Pork Chops: Need a superb last-minute supper for guests?  “This is so easy, tastes like Hawaiian pizza, and I usually have all the ingredients.” 

Fast Baked Fish: Since we have enough of fresh fish, I create fish recipes often. Moisture, tenderness, and flavor make this recipe my favorite.